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Sensory Shell Chair - UK Disability VAT Exempt

Sensory Shell Chair - UK Disability VAT Exempt

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Sensory sanctuary and safer stimming for children and adults with sensory processing disorders.

Find sensory sanctuary with this special rocking chair. Originally developed in collaboration with children’s Occupational Therapist Nicola Estabrook, the Sensory Shell Chair’s hood helps both children and adults with sensory processing disorders such as autism to make sense of their world by limiting environmental stimuli. It works just as well in our busy workplace!

The chair can be rocked by the occupant or by someone else using the rear handles. Engage the brakes by pulling the levers on either side to steady the chair and make it much easier to stand up or sit down.

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    What's special about a Sensory Shell Chair?

    ‘Blackout’ fabric hood creates a dark environment

    Flexible hood supports withstand tough treatment without breaking

    Handles provide stability and steadiness while rocking

    Removable cushion cover for ease of washing

    Made from sustainably sourced wood

    Toy safe coating for longevity

    Sturdy construction suits users up to 255kg/20st

    Brakes steady the chair and prevent it from rocking

    Rear handles allow for assisted use

    Back and seat detach for easier transport and storage

    View of the sensory shell chair seperated into two sections

    Easy to store

    The seat and back seperate for straightforward storage in a small space

    Side view of sensory shell chair with hood down

    Steadying brake

    Choose whether the chair rocks or stays still with the brakes

    Back view of sensory shell chair showing handles and foot rocker

    Rocking handles

    Easily give assistance to someone rocking with the built-in rear handles

    About the Sensory Shell Chair

    What's in the box?

    1x Natural colour chair

    1x Black padded cushion

    1x Black fire retardent fabric hood

    How much space do I need?