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Lite Skittles Kit

Lite Skittles Kit

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Enjoy a traditional game of skittles with the whole family.

A favourite garden game for centuries, skittles is now accessible for all with the help of a Boccia Lite ramp. Simply roll the ball down the ramp and score points by knocking down the wooden skittles. Included in the Skittles kit: one Lite ramp, two soft balls and a set of 6 wooden skittles. The wooden skittles are supplied with a drawstring bag for storage.


  • The Lite ramp is a durable one piece moulded plastic design suited to heavy use environments
  • Integrated ball rest allows you to push the ball without needing to hold it
  • Durable wooden skittles
  • Includes two soft touch balls
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      About the Lite

      What size is it?

      Length: 107cm, Width: 13.5cm Depth: 9cm

      How much does it weigh?

      Total weight 0.5kg