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Paint from a wheelchair or bed with the world’s most adjustable artist’s easel

The Freasel can be used seated, standing or lying down, making it the perfect wheelchair accessible easel. It’s specially designed so you can get close to your canvas, free to explore your creativity through painting, drawing and mark making.

The Freasel’s high level of adjustability means it’s perfect for mouth and foot painters. With the help of an assistant, the easel arms can easily be adjusted to find the ideal painting setup for you. With the flexibility of the Freasel you’ll be able to find the most comfortable position and paint for even longer.

Check out artwork by the Birchwood Painters, a group of disabled artists who worked with us to design the very first Freasel, which continues to help them create unique paintings and drawings to this day!

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    Freasels are currently in production. Customers will be contacted with an expected delivery date when placing an order. The estimated delivery time is currently 8-10 weeks.

    • A parsons hands hold a canvas painted with swirls of blue in all shades. The canvas is fixed to a Freasel accessible easel.

      Adjustible height

      Easily adjustable to paint in the position that works for you

    • The freasel is outside on some grass in it's folded state. It's a skeletal form made of light coloured plywood. Two circular black adjustment handles are facing the camera.

      Easily storeable

      Compact folding for seamless storage and transport

    • A person's hands are touching the canvas holder of a freasel. The freasel is light wood coloured. They are turning the a black adjustment knob.

      Configurable canvas holders

      Use the long or short holding arms to work on paintings of all sizes

    What do artists make of the Freasel?

    "I love my Freasel!" - Sue

    "He loves the Freasel and has been enjoying working on a larger scale. We've found it easy to set it up for him to use in any of his chairs." - Jane

    "The design and quality of the easel is fantastic. We had high expectations and these have been exceeded." - Carolyn

    "He was able to make work alone for the first time ever..we were all close to tears. It is an amazing resource." - Carina

    About the Freasel

    What's special about the Freasel?

    Canvases can tilt (up, down, left and right) and rotate 360°

    Rolls on castors for portability and ease of positioning

    Coated birch plywood gives a wipe clean finish

    Geared joints for easy adjustment of canvas position

    Robust construction holds up to any tremors or uncontrolled hand movements

    Made in the UK from sustainably sourced wood

    What's in the box?

    1x Mini picture holder 

    4x Standard canvas holder arms

    4x Large canvas holders

    How much space do I need?

    Footprint size: 118cm x 72cm

    What size canvas can I use?

    Canvas holder details (dimensions measured to the inside edge of the canvas frame):

    • Mini picture holder: 30cm x 22cm (slightly larger than A4)
    • Standard canvas holder: Minimum canvas size approx. 32cm x 32cm, Maximum canvas size approx 64cm x 64cm
    • Large canvas holder: Minimum canvas size approx. 32cm x 32cm, Maximum canvas size approx 110cm x 110cm

    How big is the Freasel when folded?

    Dimensions when folded:

    Height: 14cm

    Width: 108cm

    Depth: 44cm

    A female sits on a chair in a garden space and paints on a board held by the Freasel. It is positioned to hold the painting surface at a height reached eaily from her seated position.
    A person is seated in a wheelchair with push handles and a joystick. They face away from the camera while painting on a canvas with vabious shades of blue swirls which is mounted on a freasel.
    A woman with shoulder length dark hair is standing in front of a freasel. She smiles and looks at  an Ipad on the freasel as she draws.