Coming in 2024

Take your adventures to the next level with the Big Car.

  • The Big Car is in a grassy outdoor space. The side of the car is shown which is light coloured wood with black trim. The image shows the red steering wheel with a yellow push horn in the centre.

    Grow with me

    Big Car's seat is easily adjustible to suit both little and long legs

  • The big car is shown from the front with two black tyres. A childs feet in colourful trainers are visible as they sit in the car and touch the ground with their feet.

    Push and go

    There's no steering on Big Car, simply drive where your feet push you!

  • A child is sitting in the big car and looks back over their shoulder at the adult behind them. They grin as they hold the red steering wheel.

    Big fun in a small package

    Big Car fits in most car boots, so you can take the fun with you!

What families are saying about the Big Car:

"Driving his car is something he just loves to do, but it also means he happily engages with physiotherapy exercises that could otherwise be a chore. It will be life changing."

"She's over the moon with her new car. We just didn’t know what we were going to do with her having outgrown her original car.”

"In the last two years my son has really regressed, this is literally one of the only things he will do and enjoy. He has spent more time in the car today than he has been in the garden for the last 6 months put together. It’s amazing and so lovely to see."

An adult holds the piush bar on the Big Car while a child with curly blonde hair is sat inside. The child holds the steering wheel.

Like all of DEMAND's game-changing designs, Big Car's journey started in 2015 when a family reached out to our design team looking for a bigger ride-in car for their autistic son.

Two children around 6 -8 years old play with the Big Car in a garden. One child with curly blonde hair sits in the car and holds the steering wheel. Another child with short dark hair and purple ear defenders stands at the back fo the car holding the push bar.

Fast forward to 2021 and the requests for Big Cars had never slowed. We set to work creating a design that could be made for all the people who need one.

The Big Car is pictured from the front corner showing the entire car. The side is light wood colour and the front is shiny black plastic. A logo saying Big Car is on the front and Side and a red steering wheel is partially visible.

Thus the Big Car was born! Years of careful design development have led to the point where Big Cars are nearly ready to roll off the production line.

Want to know more?

Who is the Big Car for?

The Big Car is great for anyone who loves to move outdoors. It doesn't require any balance or a great level of coordination to drive it, though being able to sit independently is important. The Big Car moves by 'stepping' with your feet which does take some strength, especially on bumpy surfaces like grass. For children 6 and up.

Where can I use the Big Car?

The Big Car isn't road legal and is best used in your garden away from roads. It's great on a flat open space like a patio.

How does it work?

The Big Car has two swivelling front wheels and two straight back wheels (like a shopping trolley). The seat and backrest position can be adjusted to suit both little and long legs for a comfortable ride.

How big is the Big Car?

The Big Car is 140cm long and 64cm wide. The seat height adjusts between 27cm and 38cm.

When can I get mine?

DEMAND's Design team are working as fast as possible to get Big Cars ready. Driver safety isn't something we take lightly and before any drive off the forecourt some rigorous safety checks are needed. We expect to ship the first Big Cars in August 2024 ready for a summer of fun!